* UV Curing
   -free radical
  - cationic

  - custom oligomers

* Pressure Sensitive

   -high  performance

* Imaging Chemistry

   -negative / positive

* Flexographic Printing
* Custom Polymer

* Process Development

* Product Development
   Prototype Samples

* Prior Art Searches
   (patents, publications,
    general knowledge)
Technical Consultants - Specialty Polymers and Processes
With over 35 years experience in Custom Polymers and Polymerization Processes,
we provide consulting services in the following areas of expertise:

  * Polymer design and synthesis (structure/property relationships,  design for application,
     raw materials selection,  vendor options,  prototype samples)

  * Expertise includes condensation polymers, addition (free radical, cationic) polymers,  
     polymer modification (grafting, functionalization) for specific properties, polymer blending

  * Specific expertise in Radiation Curing (UV, Visible,  Electron beam),  Pressure Sensitive
     Adhesives (acrylic, SIS elastomers) and Imaging Chemistry  (flexographic printing plates,
     color proofing)

 * Process Design and Development -  polymerization reactors,  specialty coating,
     process design for efficient scale-up to manufacturing      

  * Prior art searches (patents, publications, open art, general knowledge)

Hold Over 20 US Patents in diverse areas of polymer technology and product application

      American Chemical Society (ACS)
             * Polymer Chemistry Division

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